Monday, September 28, 2009

the fall arrives....

Brrr! The wind is blowing hard, and it's a cold wind, carrying with it a nice COLD wet rain. I love fall though. The trees are already changing color, some are already losing leaves, and I finally get to wear my long sleeves again! I love my long sleeves and hate not being able to wear them for the summer. I'm kind of a cold blooded girl, and like wearing long sleeves and pants, so this is GREAT!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.... I am very terrified! I've had two horrible experiences at the dentist, and they always have a problem getting my numb, so we've opted for trying laughing gas. I've never used it before, and I'm scared to try it. I really don't want to look like an idiot, or make a fool of myself, so I'm scared. Hopefully it will be fine, and I will not feel the pain. I have like 7 cavities that need filled, so I'm going to do them one or two at a time. Mostly because of the expense. It's really expensive to go to the dentist, even WITH dental insurance! Yikes.

Cheyanne's birthday is on Saturday. She doesn't really care for cake, so Mark's aunt Donna is making 2 apple pies, and a pumpkin pie (by Cheyanne's request) for her party. We're going to just have a few people here. It will still be fun though. I put Mark up to the task of buying Cheyanne's birthday present this year. He's never bought a present for the girls, so we'll see how well he knows his daughter lol. It will make it a little bit more special for her to get it from Daddy, since he's not living up here yet. That's my thought anyway, but we'll see.

It's looking like he may be coming up soon though. He's been showing the house, and there is a guy I guess that may buy cash, and he wants to move it. He likes the look of the outside but hasn't been inside yet. He was supposed to come look at in today, but he rescheduled for Wednesday. We're praying hard that someone buys it really soon. We all miss him. I need my husband, and the kids need their daddy. This really sucks, but we'll make it through. God is in control though, and we have been thinking that there must be a reason for this separation, but the good news is, that it's just temporary!

Well, House is almost on, so I'm going to put the kids in bed and then watch it. :)

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